Yes You Can Build Your Own Shed, Home, Furniture, Boat and Other Things You Want and Need!

Humans are builders and creators. It’s what we do. It is deeply ingrained in our core DNA – and that is a good thing! Yet some of us have forgotten that on a conscious level. Modern life is a good thing in many respects – but it has some negative consequences too – and that is one. The conditioned response of dependency.

The truth is you are capable of far more than you may believe you are at this moment.

You just need the guts to try – and then take action and start building something!

Choose a Project and Start Today!

It really doesn’t even matter much what it is. The idea is to get you into a better mindset where you know you are capable of building stuff – that’s the main point for now. So pick something that interests you and let’s get to work.

Maybe a chicken coop, dog house, small boat, five board bench, crate, sign, yard storage box, raised bed garden box – or even a small shed. Pick one of these – or find something else but choose something and write it down in a clean new spiral notebook.

Got it? Good!

Now we need to figure a few things out. First is how to build it. There are many different ways to learn how. First is to find some examples online and on YouTube of other similar projects that other people have built and lookt at a few to see how they did it.

Next, you might consider a book or eBook – depending on the project. If you are going to build a shed, or boat for example that can be very helpful.

You might also want a set of plans – again – depending on the project, and on what you want to do.

There are plans available for everything you can imagine – and probably for many other things you can’t even imagine yet too.

Materials List

After you decide what to build and where to get your information on how to build it you will want a materials list. If you buy plans often a good set of plans will include a materials list. Even if not – you can make your own.

For example, when I decided to build my first shed I read a couple of books on shed building, looked at some examples, and I went to Lowes and a couple of other shed sellers and took a camera and a notebook. I counted the sheets of plywood and presswood, the number of 2×4’s the number of shingles on the roof, and made a list of everything else I could see.

Next, I considered that I was building a shed to serve as a candle shop for my wife – and that meant it needed to be insulated, have power, overhead lights, ac/heat and other things – so I made my list to include all of those things too.

From that list, I was able to estimate the total cost of the materials I needed. I also was aware I did not need to buy everything all at once either – just in phases as I needed it.

The bigger the project the more useful this list is – but even for small projects it is useful to know what you need.

Keep in mind you are likely to encounter other things you need and or want along the way that will require another trip to Lowes – or where ever you get your stuff from – and a few more bucks to be spent too.

Pick a Workspace for Your Project

If you have a shed, garage, basement, carport or any other space maybe you can use it for your project or at least part of your project. If not – do not worry about it! You can build almost anything you can imagine outside if you need to. Depending on what it is, you may need to cover it up from the weather and shield it from the sun – as in the case of using epoxy to build a boat – for example. In other cases, the project will be small and something you can totally complete in a day or less – or that you can store the parts under cover and finish it later.

The point is not to let the lack of a formal shop stop you from building stuff!

Get a couple of saw horses – or make them yourself – gather your tools and get to work!

Which Project Should You Choose?

You, my friend, have to decide that for yourself. What I can tell you is what I have learned. For most people choosing a small relatively simple project is usually better. That allows you to accomplish something fast and get some satisfaction in doing so – and that builds your confidence too.

What do I mean?

Let’s say you want to build your own boat. Maybe you envision a 40 or 50-foot long sailboat – or perhaps a 40-foot long powerboat. Such a project is a huge and complicated – and expensive in most cases. While it can be done (and has by many) first time builders with no previous experience building anything at all, it is usually far easier to start with something smaller and simpler.

Maybe build a small boat – or even a dingy you envision needing for your big boat later. The fundamentals of building that smaller boat first will help you get started and give you some of the skills you will need to finish the larger project later – and the finished smaller project will serve as a constant reminder that you can complete a project. You will certainly need that reminder to help you keep going for the months – or years – it is going to take for that larger project you dream of.

The beauty of building your own stuff is the more you do it the better your skills get over time and the more confident you become that you can build anything that you believe you can and to which you put your mind to.

Pick something small – build it – gain confidence, begin to develop your skills, and keep going from there! that’s my suggestion – but as I said – you have to decide for yourself what you want to start with and then get out there and go build it!

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