Why You Should Build Your Own Stuff

Humans are creators and we build stuff. That is deeply engrained in our core – and as far as I am concerned it is a very good thing too! So there is something deeply satisfying about building, making and doing it yourself when you complete a project.

One of the most zen-like and most satisfying experiences I have had was sitting in a small boat I designed and built myself for the first time.

Image result for Carouge Boat

To recognize that a few pieces of plywood and some screws, resin and a little ingenuity and some time and effort were all that it took to turn it into the vision I had in my head.

There have been numerous other projects from crates, to furniture, small buildings, conversions, dog houses, and many other things – and there will be many more too.

So there are many reasons to build your own stuff. One of them is for the pure joy and satisfaction of it. Other reasons include practicality and money savings. I don’t remember what the materials cost exactly for that boat – but it was far less than $200 as best I can recall. Go price a plastic kayak or a canoe and see what even a cheap one will cost. Then look at the prices for those considered to be high quality and you will be shocked – and this little boat was far superior to anything you could easily buy ready-made. It was also custom to my own needs and my wants. For example – the spaces you see in the front and rear are both enclosed storage spaces that hold a lot of gear. The bottom was flat so the boat was very stable (you could stand up in it easily) the rear deck was a space you could sit on and fish… and there were many other things that I wanted so I designed it and built it to my own unique desires.

You can do the same if you like. When you design and build your own stuff – or even use plans designed by someone else – you get to make modifications as you wish and make the things the way you want it.

Necessity is Another Reason

When my wife and I were first married money was very tight – but life happens. Stuff breaks, and you need things too. When the need arises you have a choice – find the money and pay someone else – or buy the materials and fix it, make it or build it yourself.

I learned how to do my own plumbing out of that necessity. I can easily replace a toilette, sink, water heater and most other things in any home we have. That ability has saved us tons of times over the years too. Many times the labor is far more than the parts – and other times you may not even be able to get someone to do the work for you. If you can it may take them days to get around to it – or longer. If you can do it yourself those problems are removed.

Even if you do choose to hire someone – you will be able to tell whether they are doing a good job at fair prices if you know how to do it yourself and what it should cost. That means you are less likely to be ripped off and taken advantage of.

Today there is so much uncertainty in this world that having the knowledge and skills to do such things is becoming a necessity once again – as it was in the old days before our time. Our ancestors had to do many more things for themselves – or do without. There are lessons there if we choose to learn them.

Income Opportunities

When you know how to build your own stuff – how to make things and do it yourself – you can use those skills and abilities to make more money too f you like.

You can make and sell products. My wife and I have often done that all of our lives together. We have made and sold;

  • Candles and Soap
  • Bath and Body products
  • Custom Cards
  • Furniture and Other Wood Crafts (crates, benches, signs, decorative items etc.)
  • Plans and Information Products

You can also teach what you know. There are ways to host and conduct gatherings, workshops and other events in person and online. You can also teach courses and workshops that you record – and once uploaded to a course platform or plugin it is automated.

Other people will pay you for your services too.

People need sheds built, fences put up, kitchen tables made and delivered and other things doneĀ  – and some pay very well. You can advertise your services and then take on jobs you like. Make some money as a side business and on a part-time basis and see how far you want to take it. Do be aware there is much to learn though – and some things may require a license to do – others don’t. Learn the difference and start with things you do not need any specials permission or license to do.

Then get started.

So you can use your abilities to make money in many ways – but first, you have to develop those abilities and you do that by getting started building your own stuff.



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