Shed to Cottage Conversion

These days everybody is looking for ways to have usable living space. Some people want it as an addition to the space they already have in their existing home, others are looking for ways to escape the rat race and do it quickly by downsizing to extremes. That is in part why the tiny house craze was born and is still going strong.

Other people are just looking for a nice way to have a guest cottage, or writers/artists studio, game room, craft space – or whatever it is they want the space for.

A shed might be just the solution.

I have converted a few and I also built one from the ground up years ago for my wife and I to use in our candle and soap making business.

But you can do the same thing and without having to build the entire building if you wish. You can simply buy a basic storage shed new or used and have it delivered.

Then you will need to add some two by fours to the corners to attache your wallboard/sheetrock too, and you may have a little framing work to do to accommodate a window or two, an air conditioner and possibly to attach your ceiling too.

The last couple I have done were just that way – I did not build the shed – we bought it, had it delivered and then I got to work. I added the framing where I needed it and wanted it. Then I added insulation, put up the walls, filled all the screw holes and tapped the joints. Next came some primer and then some paint, then flooring, some trim and blinds and that’s about it.

You do need to think about power before you start. There are a number of ways to do it. The simplest and easiest is by a heavy-duty RV type extension cord from your primary house. It can be run through a hole cut in the wall and it will work if you do it right, and I have done that in the past with other buildings and will again in the future for some too.

My latest couple were wired by electricians who I had run wire from the main house power and into a double outlet (4 plugs) all in one place at the end of the building. It was simple, effective and affordable – and it works.

Want to take a look?

You can see one of my buildings here on our new Build Your Own Stuff YouTube Channel.

Take a look and let me know what you think?

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