Welcome to Build Your Own Stuff!

Too many people don’t realize that they can still make their own stuff – and often it will be better and less expensive than anything that can be bought commercially.

Beyond that, we live in an ever more uncertain world – so being able to make more of your own stuff and fix things too is more important than ever before.

This site is all about that. Learn then make it yourself, build it yourself and do it yourself and have fun doing it all too!

My name is L.D. Sewell and I have been building my own stuff since I was a young kid. It all started with model kits of airplanes and ships and that led me to needing something to put them own once they were finished. The first thing I ever remember building was a bookcase. I had no plans, no guide and just did it.

I also had no clue what I was doing, but I did it anyway. I found four wide boards and nailed them all together, I cut the overhanging ends off with an old handsaw, as best I can recall and put the thing in a corner of our living room. There was no structural support so it wanted to fold in and implode. The thought of putting a back on it or a brace or two hadn’t occurred to me – so I did the next best thing – I jammed it into the corner of the rooms and slid a chair against the other end of it. Problem solved! I then had a place to put my completed models.

That was a long long time ago, and though not pretty – it was a start – and I have never looked back. Over the years I have built and make all kinds of things, and repaired more stuff than I care to even think about.

Most of it has been self-taught and learned from reading countless books, and manuals. Other things have been built using purchased plans and some I have designed and built from my own plans.

Lost of learning has still taken place from trial and error and error – much like that first bookcase – though usually with fare better results.

YouTube has been an invaluable resource to me – as soon as I found it and learned I could search and find other people building, doing and making things I wanted to make too – and so it will be for you too!

The idea is to share information which can help you build or make something that you need or want and have some fun doing it too.

Some of the projects that I will be covering here will be things I make or build – and others will be from other people who I will seek out and find and interview either online or in person. This site has an accompanying YouTube channel of its own and you will be able to watch many videos there too featuring it all!

So if you are building, making or doing something interesting yourself – let me know – and I will try to get you and your project on the blog and on the channel too!